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CAA Speaking Team – Utilize the CAA Speaking Team and bring apologetics to your church or youth group.

CAA Catechism – This is a collaboration of the CAA to break the essentials of apologetics up into bite size pieces (400 words or less), catechism-style. Contact Catechism team.

Get prayed for. Join the CAA Facebook group and post your prayer in a comment to the linked doc. Pray for others and support them, as well.

CONNECT via the map and CAA Chapters. CAA Chapters are communities for CAA members local to each other to meet regularly and collaborate together and with other local ministries. CAA Chapter members enjoy all the same benefits of interacting in our online environment, as well as developing relationships on an authentic, in-person level. These groups are founded in and built on prayer and dependence on God, and they are fundamentally intended to be a means by which we love our neighbors. Love of God and others is the spiritual core and founding principle of these communities; it isn’t about an apologetics junkies club.

C.A.S.E. – Christian Apologetics Search Engine by CAA member, Mark Deviny.

Apologetics Events Calendar by CAA partner, Ratio Christi.

Ask the Alliance – We post your “Ask the Alliance” question in our Facebook group, and summarize our best answers in a post on this blog.

Media – CAA banner, logos, and wallpaper by alliance member, Lauren Kimball.

EQUIPPED – The CAA Quarterly. EQUIPPED is a quarterly collaboration of, by, and for The Christian Apologetics Alliance, and for the Christian apologetics community at large. EQUIPPED is made possible through the generous literary and technical contributions of volunteer writers and concept designers, but primarily through the gifts given each of us by the Holy Spirit. Everyone involved in producing EQUIPPED shares a passion for apologetics and a love for Jesus. “In Christ Jesus, then, I have reason to be proud of my work for God” (Romans 15:17).

Apologetics Bloggers Alliance – This group has been created for those with currently active apologetics blogs so that we may support each other; share blog posts; promote one another; share ideas for blogging, SEO, promotion, etc.; raise the awareness of the need for apologetics in the church, university, and the community; pray for one another; and lift up Jesus Christ. Contact.

Apologetics for Parents – We are a group of parents committed to teaching our kids apologetics (a “defense” or case for Christianity) and exchanging what works, what doesn’t, and maybe starting a website to share the best of what works with the world. Find us on Twitter. Contact.

The OLD CAA. This is the birthplace of the CAA, but it glitched and we were without it for a long time and moved to our current group. The old group is now more of just a tourist attraction.

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