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CAA Speaking Team
 – Utilize the CAA Speaking Team and bring apologetics to your church or youth group.

CAA Catechism – This is a collaboration of the CAA to break the essentials of apologetics up into bite size pieces (400 words or less), catechism-style. Contact Catechism team.

C.A.S.E. – Christian Apologetics Search Engine by CAA member, Mark Deviny.

Apologetics Events Calendar by CAA partner, Ratio Christi.

Ask the Alliance – We post your “Ask the Alliance” question in our Facebook group, and summarize our best answers in a post on this blog.

Media – CAA banner, logos, and wallpaper by alliance member, Lauren Kimball.

Apologetics Bloggers Alliance – This group has been created for those with currently active apologetics blogs so that we may support each other; share blog posts; promote one another; share ideas for blogging, SEO, promotion, etc.; raise the awareness of the need for apologetics in the church, university, and the community; pray for one another; and lift up Jesus Christ. Contact.

Apologetics for Parents – We are a group of parents committed to teaching our kids apologetics (a “defense” or case for Christianity) and exchanging what works, what doesn’t, and maybe starting a website to share the best of what works with the world. Find us on Twitter. Contact.

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